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About Us


Your DNA contains important personal information about you, including your hereditary susceptibility to diseases, nutritional needs, metabolic imbalances, treatment response, natural immunity, ancestry, etc. Genomic testing helps you analyze this information and improve quality of life.

Your and your family’s health is important to us. At BioAro, we provide comprehensive assessment of your health. Our scientific team pays close attention to your needs, and develop tailor made genomic journey for you. We can make you aware of potential diseases, malignancies, pharmacogenomic profiling, dietary parameters, etc. that will help you make proactive lifestyle and health choices.

Our Mission

Democratize access to genomic testing, and make personalized medicine, affordable.

Our Vision

1 million Whole Genome Sequences.


Discover new treatment pathways, pharmaceuticals, and interventions. Due to climate change, BioAro also aims to expand genomic power to agriculture, animals and food industry to help humanity.


To help improve accessibility, BioAro offers one of the cheapest and most comprehensive Whole Genome Sequencing packages in the world. Our Microbiome analysis covers five different areas of pathogens and provide you comprehensive report. BioAro can receive samples from anywhere in the world. It helps breakdown international barriers.


Its Your DNA, Its Your Data, You Decide what you want to do. BioAro doesn’t sell your genetic and healthcare data. We respect your privacy and autonomy. BioAro has the clinical and medical domain knowledge and infrastructure to ensure that your tests are handled in a safe and compliant manner.