BioAro is developing a pipeline of products addressing critical needs for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

BioAro will provide rapid and highly accurate diagnostic tests in humans, animals, fish, and more specifically, meat, dairy and equine animals. 

BioAro leverages Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (qPCR, LAMP etc.) Serology and Immunoassays (e.g., ELISA, Lateral flow), Genomic, Epigenetic and Metabolomic markers as well as  Electrochemical and Microfluidics to develop next generation technologies for advanced point of care and point of use testing. BioAro endeavors to create rapid diagnostic investigations at a fraction of the current costs.

BioAro Clinical, R&D and Management has a history of expertise in discovery, development, and regulatory approvals of diagnostic products including an impressive record of cultivating strategic successful partnerships in the public and private sectors.

Strong Management and R&D Team

Our Mission Unites and Inspires us

We aim to change lives by delivering breakthrough innovations with infectious disease diagnostics.

At BioAro, we are developing the next generation of rapid Point of Care infectious disease diagnostics by integrating novel technologies. BioAro’s platform will provide seamless, comprehensive, sample-to-insight test results for major infectious diseases in a faster and more accurate format than conventional methods. This will lead to better patient care and improved outcomes.

At BioAro, we found a better way.

We discovered how to deliver comprehensive, trusted insights to manage infectious diseases more rapidly and effectively.

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