Blockchain-based Genomic Data Sharing

Blockchain is an immutable transaction ledger, offering a secure and distributed  system without a central authority. Within the system, each transaction can be expressed with cryptographically signed blocks, and the verification of transactions is  performed by the users of the network. Through this tool, BioAro’s innovative team contributes to the building of a data ecosystem in the healthcare management systems  by creating a genomic data sharing platform.

The benefits of such a platform is: Access permissions of data are controlled by data owners, analysis costs can be reduced, communications between the data owner and buyer accelerated and becomes transparent, and data collection process is accelerated.

A study of current main platforms has been performed and BioAro’s blockchain-based genomic data sharing platform took their disadvantages into consideration during its development to ensure that no such challenges are faced by users of the BioAro platform.

Blockchain-based Genomic Data Sharing Model