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Genetic Monitoring


What is the genetic monitoring program (GMP)?

The genetic monitoring program is a bi-annual subscription based analysis service. This program allows you to receive a report once every 6 months that will provide a report on all new genetic analysis findings for all of the previous panels that you have received. This keeps you up to date on the latest genetic information that could be impacting your health and wellness. GMP provides you ease of mind that you are aware of the most recent research done.

For example, if you have already done genetic analysis & received your report for our ‘depression’ panel and within the next 4 months there are 42 new genes found to be relevant to the development or management of depression, we will provide a report 6 months after your initial report, with the updated genetic analysis.

What is the payment structure of the genetic monitoring program (GMP)?

If you sign on to have BioAro monitor updates to your genetic profile you will be receiving a report once every 6 months and will be billed at the time of analysis. When subscribed to GMP you will always receive a report that includes updates to ALL of the genetic analysis panels you have previously received, even if they were not done at the same time. Requests for GMP reports before the 6 month period may be processed at an additional charge.