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How can my blood be impacted by my genetics?

Over 300,000 Canadians live with blood-related disorders with many of them going undiagnosed. Often those with a blood disorder die due to complications in treatment and have a lower quality of life as common injuries can rapidly become fatal, which makes it incredibly important for you to know if you are at risk. ( With the determination of genetic contributions to hematological (blood-related) disorders we can immediately diagnose regardless of the presenting symptoms (pathophysiology). This informs the treatment and management of the disorder, while informing the risk of heritability and family planning. (Hematology Am Soc Hematol Educ Program (2020) 2020 (1): 76–81.

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Blood (Hematology) Comprehensive Blood (Hematology) Panel (10 Panels) 988 
Blood (Hematology) Myelodysplasia 103 
Blood (Hematology) Anemia 573  
Blood (Hematology) Cytopenias and congenital anemias (v1.87) 98  
Blood (Hematology) Confirmed Fanconi anemia or Bloom syndrome (v1.11) 18  
Blood (Hematology) Rare anemia (v1.24) 79  
Blood (Hematology) Cytopenia - NOT Fanconi anemia (v1.42) 55  
Blood (Hematology) Polycythemia 22 
Blood (Hematology) Hereditary Erythrocytosis (v1.35)  
Blood (Hematology) Iron Deficiency Anemia 29  
Blood (Hematology) Polycythemia Vera 

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