BioAro's Hypertension Test includes: ACVRL1, AQP1, ATP13A3, BMPR2, CAV1, EIF2AK4, ENG, GDF2, KCNK3, SMAD9, SOX17, TBX4


  • Persistent and prolonged increase in blood pressure is commonly referred to as Hypertension
  • BioAro Hypertension panel includes 12 genes, which can help asses the risk of developing hypertension, particularly if both the parents are affected.
  • This test can also be customized to include additional genes (or other diseases also e.g. Hyperlipidemia).

Did you know?

  • HT is a major risk factor for heart diseases, stroke and renal failure.
  • It can stay asymptomatic and undetected for a long period of time
  • Undetected HT can cause sudden and fatal deterioration in health