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How can my nutrition be impacted by my genetics?

Nutrition is tightly linked to your everyday life in the foods you eat, the lifestyle you lead, and the environment you live in. All of these are critical to your overall health and wellness. With rapidly increasing rates of obesity and type-2 diabetes across the world, there is an unnerving disparity between its effects on marginalized populations with an estimated 3x likelihood of First Nations people to develop type-2 diabetes over other Canadians. (Public Health Canada) Our ability to make decisions to better our wellness should be informed less by product placement and more personalized to your genetics and body. Genetic testing can tell you what foods and vitamins you either lack or have too much of and guide you toward a healthier life, reducing your risk for a multitude of diseases and disorders. (Advances in Nutrition, Volume 9, Issue 2, March 2018, Pages 128–135,
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What health conditions are available to be analysed right now?

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