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Microbiome Analysis


What is microbiome analysis?

Microbiome analysis compiles useful information about the populations of microbes living in or on your body. Our microbiomes can be thought of as a busy city commute. Sometimes the entire drive from home to work is smooth, the weather is nice, and all drivers on the road are calm. Other times the drive is filled with accidents, delays, bad conditions, traffic, and angry drivers. We would all want to have the smooth drive to work, but this is not always the case, because of the environment we live in or the types of drivers on the road. Similarly, our microbiome is filled with many different types of microbes (like drivers on the road) and these can be positively or negatively impacted by the environment we live in (road and weather conditions). Ultimately, the quality of our health & wellness is largely determined by the composition of things we live with, like our drive to work.

What is the difference between bacterial diversity and comprehensive microbiome analysis?

Both provide an understanding of whether or not your microbes are within a healthy balance or if there is a larger proportion of microbe communities that can cause health problems.

Bacterial diversity analysis looks at a single gene (16S rRNA) in two types of microbes (bacteria and archaea) providing a report similar to a general census being done by the government. Your report will include the diversity of different microbe populations, this is called a taxonomic profile.
Comprehensive microbiome analysis looks at all of the genes in five types of microbes (bacteria, archaea, fungus, parasites, and viruses) providing a detailed report on the identity of the microbes, with a more complete census as well as a list of antibiotic resistance genes that were found to inform what antibiotic treatment you should be prescribed. Your report will where it now includes a criminal profile for bad microbes. You receive both a taxonomic profile and detailed analysis of the identity and genes of the microbes present.

Gut & Mental Health – large or small intestine

  • Undiagnosed gut problems
  • Sensitivities, allergies, and intolerances
  • Previously discovered digestive problems
  • Mental health and memory concerns
  • Chronic condition management
  • Important in health areas such as: gastrointestinal (GI) health, obesity, diabetes, liver health, colorectal cancer, heart disease, infections and the immune system

Vaginal Health

  • Vaginal dysbiosis and bacterial vaginosis
  • Expecting mothers
    • Infant and maternal health
    • Preventing pre-term births and PPROM
  • Menopause and vaginal dryness
  • Previous signs of bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or aerobic vaginitisExpecting mothers
  • Fertility
  • Sexual health

Should I get microbiome analysis without a history of health problems?

Our answer: YES! Microbiome analysis with wellness consultations can drastically improve your overall wellness and daily quality of life. Improvements will vary by person, based on their baseline microbiome composition, but will always be able to be benefit from nutritional guidance.

Skincare & Aesthetics

  • History of skin issues
  • Potential or confirmed eczema, psoriasis, acne, or rosacea
  • Chronic wounds

Oral & Dental

  • History of dental issues
  • Potential or confirmed gingivitis, caries, or periodontal disease
  • Brain and gut health concerns

This is my first time ordering a microbiome test, how does it work?

When you click ‘Book Now’ , you will be taken to our booking portal. Here you will be making choices on the products you would like to buy and receive information about.

  • Choose a sequencing method. (Microbiome Bacterial Diversity or Comprehensive Microbiome Analysis)
  • Choose the type of microbiome you would like to analyse
  • Choose whether you would like to subscribe to one of our monthly microbiome monitoring programs.
  • Select the collection method you are comfortable with.
  • All microbiome samples are collected at home through self-collection.
  • Fill in your billing information
  • Complete your client intake form, which compiles demographic and medical history data to aid in the accuracy of your analysis
  • Provide your sample.
  • Your results will be available through your BioAro account dashboard and you will receive an email notification when this becomes available. We will also reach out to schedule an appointment for a wellness & nutrition counselling session to interpret and leverage your results in your everyday life.

What if I have already had my microbiome analysed?

When you receive a microbiome analysis report it is a picture or snapshot of your microbiome at a single point in time. To make the most of microbiome analysis it is suggested to:

  • Speak with a registered nutritionist and dietician
  • Make recommended lifestyle changes
  • Compare microbiome analysis reports from before and after implemented changes
  • Continue to optimize your wellness through microbiome analysis and professional consultation
  • This can be achieved through our microbiome monitoring programs, which provide a reduced rate for returning customers seeking to make actionable and positive changes to their life.

What microbiome areas can be analysed now?

You are always able to use the ‘Book Now’ option to look through the products we have, however we have a table here that has compiled the microbiomes available for quick reference.

Large intestine-gut (stool), small intestine-gut (capsule), vaginal (swab), oral (swab), skin (swab)

What about other bacterial or microbe communities that I might be interested in?

We are continuously expanding our capabilities and we may have more services than are currently advertised. Please contact us with any inquiries at