Monitoring Programs

Genetic Monitoring Program (GMP)

Genetic Monitoring Program (GMP)

  • Subscription program for analysis of your genes every 6 months
  • Automatic payments will be charged every 6 months with analysis results following 1 week after

Why join?

Our Genetic Monitoring Program is designed to ease the stress of chronic or longstanding conditions, by giving you the information you need in the palm of your hands.

The rate at which we gain this information is only growing with advancements in analysis technology and further research.

By subscribing to our Genetic Monitoring Program (GMP) you will be able to keep up to date with all the new discoveries that may impact your health and wellness.

What do you get?

Bi-annual reports that update the analysis of your genomic data for the diseases you are monitoring. This includes new risk-association analysis, new genes that have been added since your last report and more.

Looking to expand your monitoring?

Sign-in to your BioPortal and view your upgrade options in the Genetic Monitoring Program tab.

Diseases Monitored Computational Base Price Additional Cost Per Disease
1 – 10 Panels 100 50
10+ Panels 250 50
Whole Exome or Genome 500 N/A

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Microbiome Monitoring Program (MMP)

Microbiome Monitoring Program (MMP)

  • Our services allow you to track changes and improve your health
  • Microbiome composition has a great impact on your physical (inflammation, metabolic disease, aging, fertility) and mental health (anxiety, depression, memory)

Microbiome refers to the community of microbes that reside on and in us. This community includes bacteria, archaea, fungi, parasites and viruses, which inhabit our skin, mouths, gut and even our genitals. Our health is closely linked to these communities both physically (inflammation, metabolic disease, aging, fertility) and mentally. When in balance, they defend our body from pathogens and protect our health from chronic diseases. Microbiome testing allows us to understand if our microbial communities are within the spectrum of balance and health.

16S based microbiome testing gives a broad overview of bacteria and archaea present. Bacteria and archaea form only two components of our microbiome. The microbiome also consists of fungi, viruses, and protozoa, which can be targeted by shotgun metagenomic sequencing. Shotgun metagenomic sequencing data offer a deeper analysis of the microbiome. We offer both 16S based and shotgun metagenomic sequencing. Our analysis includes virulence factor annotation and drug resistance genes annotation.

We can provide microbiome testing of gut (fecal/stool), vaginal, oral, skin, nasal samples. We can also service environmental microbiomes such as in water supplies, please contact our team to discuss your project and needs.

Microbiome Monitoring Program (MMP) Renewed Every Month
Single Biome Subscription TBA​ TBA​
Multiple Microbiome Subscription TBA​ TBA​
Full Personal Microbiome Subscription TBA​ TBA​
5M Microbiome Set TBA​ TBA​

During your check-out process you will be asked if you want to join the Genetic Monitoring Program (GMP) or Microbiome Monitoring Program (MMP) based on your selections. Your first sequencing purchase waives the base fee for your monitoring subscription. Subscriptions start from the day you sign up and autopayments are charged on a 6-month basis (GMP) or 1-month basis (MMP) with analysis results made available 1 week later. Reminder notifications via the BioPortal, email, and/or text will be sent 15 days prior to renewal date so that you can book a sample collection time for the MMP program or to cancel your subscription.