Dr. Anmol S. Kapoor


Founder & CEO

Clinician, entrepreneur, humanitarian & philanthropist, Anmol is a Cardiologist by training who has established a multi-specialized facility providing industry leading state-of-the-art health care solutions for his patients.

Anmol has received many accolades as a Physician & awards for his humanitarian work, including the prestigious Hind Rattan Award (Jewel of India) in New Delhi, India. Dr. Kapoor was also presented with the Pravasi Rattan award on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.  He received The Mahatma Gandhi Award at the House of Lords, in London England.

Anmol has been nominated for the Alberta Medical Association’s award as a “Physician For Compassionate Care” and has had many other awards bestowed upon him through various community organizations in recognition of his endless contributions.

In 2017, Anmol was honored with the Immigrants of Distinction award and was also recognized as one of the Calgary Heroes by the Metro Newspaper. He is a public speaker and has spoken internationally about improving healthcare outcomes for vulnerable minorities, refugees, women and children.

Raman Kapoor

Bsc, RD

Co-Founder & COO

Dietitian, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Raman is the Co-Founder & COO of CardiAI. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare and non-profit organizations, Raman was the recipient of Women of Inspiration Award. Raman is the founder of Nutrition Enhanced Aesthetics (neA). 

 As a mother and a registered dietitian, Raman has used her professional expertise and life experiences, to help make a difference. She seeks out local solutions that help people live healthier lives — especially ethnic minorities, vulnerable populations, women and children.

Raman believes in practicing what she preaches in all facets of her life. Raman is a powerful and extremely well-spoken public speaker.

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