Pharmacogenetic Testing

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What is pharmacogenetics?

Drugs don’t affect everyone in the same way. Some do not work as expected (low efficacy) and some result in toxicity and death. Fortunately, we can predict many efficacies and adverse problems through genomic testing and pharmacogenetic analysis. With the aid of these screens, the BioAro team can perform a risk analysis of medications which are commonly prescribed for a condition you may have. A patient's DNA sequence can help in the following aspects of prescribing:

  • Potential for adverse and toxic side effects
  • Efficacy or effectiveness of the medication to treat the condition
  • Correct dosage to not over-prescribe or under-prescribe.
  • By including risk analysis for health conditions, we can also determine if a preventative care treatment is recommended.
What is pharmacogenetics?
What health areas can pharmacogenetics help in?

What health areas can pharmacogenetics help in?

Finding the right medication or treatment may take several attempts before finding one that works. With pharmacogenetics the chances that the first medication used is the best choice is much higher.

  • Pain management
  • Cancer treatments
  • Mental health management
  • Heart disease and cholesterol management
  • Crohn’s disease and gastrointestinal (GI) problems
  • Neurological disorders
  • Treatment dosage and adverse reactions

How can pharmacogenetics help in clinical trials?

Clinical trials are designed with a set of participation parameters. When conducting a clinical trial for a new drug to treat a certain health condition, the participants will be selected based on their medical history and symptoms. However, one key piece of screening is missing… their genetic profile.

Importantly, our DNA can impact our reaction and uptake of different drugs, so it is entirely possible to unknowingly set-up a clinical trial that is doomed from the beginning, due to your recruitment process. By recruiting only those that genetically match the drug that is being tested, the drug can enter market and start being used much faster, saving time, money, and research. This could increase the number of medication options available and would have built in parameters for who will benefit the most from that treatment.

If I purchase a pharmacogenetics test, how does it work?

Booking: you will follow the same process as the genetic analysis options. If more information is required beyond the intake form you will also receive a 15 minute consultation with a member of our team to collect detailed information on your medical and medication history.

  • Choose a sequencing method.
  • Choose the type of genetic analysis you would like to receive
  • Choose whether you would like to subscribe to our bi-annual genetic monitoring program.
  • Select the collection method you are comfortable with.
  • A home collection option is available for all tests.
  • Fill in your billing information
  • Complete your client intake form, which compiles Intake form and medical history data to aid in the accuracy of your analysis
  • Provide your sample.
  • Your results will be available through your BioAro account dashboard and you will receive an email notification when this becomes available. We will also reach out to schedule an appointment for a genetic counselling session to interpret and leverage your results in your everyday life.