CoviLamp™ PCR-LAMP (SARS-CoV-2 Screening Assay Kit), the viral RNA can be detected in less than 30 minutes, depending upon the viral load, with less specialized equipment and minimal training. The CoviLamp™ assay kit uses reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP), which amplifies SARS-CoV-2 RNA faster than traditional RT-PCR with a colorimetric endpoint readout. Detection of viral RNA can be performed by a plate reader capable of measuring absorbance at 430 nm and 560 nm.

Oral / Saliva / Nasal Samples


Step 2 Assay
Step 3 Result Readout
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Test Kit

BioAro is harnessing the benefits of electrochemical sensing technology in the development of a point of care device that can detect COVID 19 infection at early stages. CoviAro™ reader along with the CardiAI-Covi test strip can provide users with COVID-19 test results under 30 min. CoviAro™ uses the CovSense System for quantitative/qualitative electrochemical measurement of COVID19 RNA using hybridization assay from nasopharyngeal samples prepared through a microfluidic sample preparation device that utilizes nasal swabs. The CovSense is intended for in vitro diagnostic, used by patients at home as a screening tool to monitor the spread of the COVID-19 infection. BioAro’s COVID 19 diagnostic kit (CoviAro Test Kit) includes two major components 1) Test strip and 2) Handheld reader (PhilAro).

BioAro’s proprietary test strip CoviFlo is fabricated using screen printing technology and utilizes electrochemical detection technique to access COVID19 infection.

CoviAro™ Mobile Application

CoviAro™ is a State-Of-The-Art mobile application that is designed to connect Covid-19 patients with their healthcare team. CoviAro™ allows Covid-19 patients to share Vitals such as BP, HR, Resp rate, Temp, O2 Sats and Symptoms to their healthcare team. CoviAro™’s Advanced Health Monitoring tool allows healthcare professionals to triage Covid-19 patients without increasing their risk of exposure to COVID-19.
CoviAro™ Mobile Application is an all-in-one access and engagement platform designed for progressive, dynamic and innovative healthcare organizations. Skip the waiting room! Instantly connect with doctors for medical care from your phone, tablet or computer – any time, 24/7.

Live Covid-19 Cases