Whole Genome Sequencing


The genome is the total genetic information of a person. A genome is composed of both coding and non-coding regions. The Whole Genome Sequencing is the entire DNA code of a person, and it includes all of your chromosomes, from both parents. This encodes for all of the molecular machinery that has created your unique self. Many people confuse Genetics with Genomics, while they have very different meanings. Let's compare it your favourite sports team: Genetics looks at and analyses one or several genes, which is similar to following your favourite player through a tournament. You cheer them on as they get better and rise through the rankings: comparable to passing on DNA from one generation to another. Genomics ensures the entire team is being looked after. How can all of the players come together to win the tournament? Your favourite player may have weaknesses that can affect their performance. However, we also have to consider their environment. Which coaches, physiotherapists, trainers, doctors, and nutritionists do they interact with? Do they have a positive or negative influence on the team's success? Do their shoes and gear fit properly? Genomics is the study of all your genes working together inside and outside your body. Genomics gives us access to answers we wouldn't otherwise have.

Genetic Analysis