Can my heart problem be because of genetics?

The heart is an essential organ and problems with your heart will profoundly affect all aspects of your lifestyle. Many cardiology or heart problems are inherited. They can start to become problems from early in life (infants) to having symptoms emerge in adulthood. Hereditary diseases with treatable outcomes enable cardiologists to monitor treat the cause of the condition and save the lives of the patients who are diagnosed.

Heart diseases include heart failure (cardiomyopathies), irregular heart rate (arrhythmic disorders), ruptured blood vessels (aneurysms) and certain types of lipid disorders (high cholesterol) can be inherited. If an inherited cardiovascular condition is found in your genome or reported in your relatives BioAro can provide a family test analysis. Genetic counselling both before and after genetic testing is vital for providing effective patient care.

Cardiology & Genetic Testing