The BioAro Advantage

  • Remove the uncertainty from your medical diagnosis
  • Targeted treatments based on diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, cancer, autoimmune disorders,  and chronic pain
  • Precision health curbs misdiagnoses, ensuring accurate care for children in conditions such as ADHD, autism, and anxiety.
  • Predicting risks and preventing diseases with advanced medical insights.
  • Future-focused healthcare using technology for precise and effective results.

Why get tested?

Personalized healthcare plans customized to you, based on your DNA

  • Minimize the side effects from medications and treatments
  • Choose the safest and most effective treatments for you
  • Discover your health risks well before you develop the disease or symptoms
  • Figure out what genetic variations may be in your family
  • Detect what diseases your children may be at risk for
  • Personalized Nutrition Plans based on your unique needs
  • Personal sports and fitness recommendations
  • Mental health solutions tailor made for you
  • Family planning, apd risk assessment
Why should you get a microbiome test?

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Questions and Answers

Do you have ongoing health issues such as fatigue, weakened immune system, gut imbalance, or skin troubles?

Learn how testing your DNA and microbiome analysis might give you insights into what's causing these issues.

Are allergies or sensitivities making you feel puzzled?

Learn how looking into your genes could help reveal why your body reacts the way it does.

Do you wonder if your genes have anything to do with your health challenges?

Find out how whole genome testing could show if there's a family correlation to your symptoms.

Is your digestion causing discomfort, like bloating or irregularity?

Learn how microbiome testing might reveal what's going on in your gut and affecting your well-being.

Ready to take charge of your health and get personalized solutions for your symptoms?

Begin your journey of genome and microbiome testing with BioAro today!

Our Software

BioAro aims to create innovative software solutions to enhance patient care, streamline workflows, and improve the overall efficiency of healthcare practices.

To achieve these objectives, BioAro is developing a wide range of software solutions, including BioEMR, PGAro, PanOmic, BioChain, BioApp and other related solutions.

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