A new era of Integrated Health and Longevity

BioAro is a leading BioTechnology company specializing in Precision Health, HealthSpan, and Longevity. It offers PanOmic (Genomics, Epigenetics, Proteomics, MicroBiomics, Metabolomics, Cancer Screening, Pharmacogenomics, etc) lab testing services, Advanced AI-Powered Software for Real Time PanOmics analysis, AI-Powered Electronic Health Record System (BioEMR) for Digital Health Services, Mobile Applications, Medical Devices, Data Analytics, Data Management, and Data Security services using Blockchain technologies. It provides consultation services for health organizations and empower them to bring precision health services in their organizations. It also offers research and development services to help discover new molecules, drugs, treatments or validate products for launch globally.

And, attached our Exclusive Plan for Organizations that want to enter HealthSpan and Longevity market.


To revolutionize personalized healthcare through BioAro's cutting-edge technologies including the BioPhenome Lab, BioHealth Softwares, Biospan clinics and BioTech devices.


To extend human healthspan, integrating innovative approaches for a healthier tomorrow.

Forward-Thinking Resilience

BioAro's proactive risk strategy revolutionizes Healthcare with personalized insights. By predicting individual risks, we empower early interventions and informed lifestyle choices, tailored to each unique profile.

Our commitment to innovation and ethical practice underpins ongoing advancements in predictive healthcare.

Comprehensive Care Redefined

At the heart of Biospan's approach is a synergy of BioAro's divisions. Our comprehensive care leverages BioTech's cutting-edge devices and BioPhenome's precise diagnostics for unparalleled health optimization

Data collection

Comprehensive data acquisition strategy from medical consultations, wearable technologies and facial recognition onboarding.



Early disease identification utilizing data from functional biomarkers, comprehensive imaging, and wearables.



Data analysis through advanced and proprietary technology using artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive analytics.


Personalized Health Plans

Crafting health plans based on individual DNA, minimizing medication side effects, and tailoring treatments.

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BioAro's Advanced Technologies

  • Revolutionary and proprietary precision health and longevity platform
  • Integrated genomic and functional biomarker laboratory
  • Advanced clinical operations and AI-powered softwares
  • Pioneering precision medicine and healthcare solutions

BioAro leads in technological innovation with platforms like BioChain and BioEMR. Integrated seamlessly into Biospan services, these technologies represent the pinnacle of precision health and patient-centric care period.

Integrated Ecosystem

Our Software

BioAro aims to create innovative and proprietary software solutions to enhance patient care, streamline workflows, and improve the overall efficiency of healthcare practices. To achieve these objectives, BioAro is developing a wide range of software solutions, including BioEMR, PGAro, PanOmic, GMP, and Anryton.

BioAro Lab Services

Leading-Edge Laboratories for Advanced Healthcare

Genomic Sequencing

Cutting-edge whole-genome sequencing for personalized health insights.

Microbiome Analysis

Comprehensive microbiome profiling to understand and improve gut health.

PanOmics Approach

Integrating diverse omic data for a complete health picture.

Targeted Panels

Specialized tests for specific conditions, providing detailed insights.

Cancer Sequencing

Advanced genetic sequencing for precise cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Precision Diagnostics

Utilizing the latest technologies for accurate and early disease detection.

Personalized Health Insights with BioAro

Unlocking the Power of Data for Precision Health

Outcome Predictions

Leveraging AI to forecast health outcomes, enhancing preventive care.

Medical Research

Deep analysis of medical research data, driving innovative health solutions.

Panomic Interface

Comprehensive analysis across omics data types (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) in a unified platform.

PgAro Technology

Advanced algorithms providing a personalized treatment roadmap based on genetic variations.

BioEmr System

AI-powered Electronic Medical Record system revolutionizing healthcare management and practices.

BioChain - Blockchain in Healthcare

Enhancing health data security, privacy, and interoperability with blockchain technology.

Genetic Mutation and Population Health (GMP)

Monitoring genetic changes, identifying emerging health risks, and providing proactive alerts.

Genomics & Clinical Data Integration

Merging genomics with clinical insights for a holistic health perspective. From raw, unstructured data to structured, actionable insights.

Uncompromised Data Integrity

At BioAro, we uphold the highest standards of data integrity and ethical practice. Our technology safeguards patient data, ensuring trust and security in every aspect of our healthcare services.

Strict Adherence to Data Privacy Laws

Compliance with global and regional data protection regulations Periods.

Advanced Encryption Methods

Ensuring data is securely encoded and protected from unauthorized access.

Regular Security Audits

Continuous evaluation and strengthening of security protocols Periods.

Ethical Data Handling

Commitment to ethical standards in the collection, storage, and use of health data.

Transparent Data Policies

Clear communication of data usage and patient rights.

Robust Access Controls

Limiting data access to authorized personnel only.