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BioAro is a proudly Canadian biotechnology company specialising in the field of genomics, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. We strive to make the world healthier by connecting healthcare providers and patients with critical diagnostic tools in a timely manner.

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Calgarian takes charge of own health with genetic testing

A man from Calgary is feeling let down by the healthcare system and is taking matters into his own hands by pursuing genetic testing to better understand his health. He believes that by getting a better understanding of his genetic makeup, he can take a more proactive approach to his healthcare and make informed decisions about his lifestyle and medical treatments.

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Microbiome”—The science behind health and disease.

Microbiome consists of all the microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.) that live on/within the human body and affect our health. Microbiome test at BioAro allows comprehensive analysis of all genes from all microbes that is part of your microbiome sample. This test can help you understand whether your microbiome is in a state of dysbiosis and suggest personalized interventions to help transition your microbiome profile to a more beneficial one.

Why BioAro?

We aim to bridge the gap between research, doctors and patients. We enable early identification of diseases which helps physicians and patients to prepare for any future health challenges.

  • Importance of Genetics Your genes decide your health, and response to medicines. Don’t you want to know more about it?
  • Genetic Analysis & Sequencing Genetic Tests can show possible susceptibilities to inherited mutations for cancers. If you have a family history, don’t wait and take a step forward. Get ahead before it arrives.
  • Don’t Know Where to Start? Contact us, and our genomic coaches will help you understand which test is right for you and your family. They will hold your hand, and walk you through your genomic discovery.

Health & Wellness

The information you gain from a BioAro test gives you the tools to reduce your chance for disease and optimize your health.


Every step of the way our experts at BioAro will be there to provide you with quality care to improve your health.

Family Health

Whether you already have, are planning, or are expecting a family, BioAro welcomes all of you to discover genomics.

Genomic Legacy

Getting your genome sequenced is not only beneficial to you, but also to your kids, grandchildren, and further descendants.

Genetic Monitoring Program (GMP)

By subscribing to our Genetic Monitoring Program (GMP) you will be able to keep up to date with all the new discoveries that may impact your health and wellness. This program is very useful for patients who have genes of unknown significance. The scientific team will monitor medical literature on your behalf and will notify you if the status of the genes has changed or new diseases got linked to the genes under the monitoring program. You will get Bi-annual reports with this program. This also includes new risk-association analysis, new genes that have been added since your last report, and more.

We offer comprehensive and personalised approach in health

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