The BioAro Advantage

BioAro is a proudly Canadian biotechnology company specializing in genomics, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. We strive to make the world healthier by connecting healthcare providers and patients with critical diagnostic tools, By enabling early identification of diseases. BioAro can help physicians, health care providers and patients prepare for future health challenges. BioAro will never sell your data, and all tests are done in Canada.

Why get tested?

  • Personalized interventions
  • Find out what medicine is right for you
  • Minimize the side effects from medications and treatments
  • Choose the safest and most effective treatments for you
  • Discover your health risks well before you develop the disease or symptoms
  • Figure out what genetic variations may be in your family
  • Find out about your past generations, ancestry, and genealogy
  • Detect what diseases your children may be at risk for
  • Know which diseases you are at risk for, before symptoms develop
  • Identify your ethnic background
  • Beat Cancer. Know your risk
  • And more...

Why BioAro

Our Products

Our Software

BioAro aims to create innovative software solutions to enhance patient care, streamline workflows, and improve the overall efficiency of healthcare practices.

To achieve these objectives, BioAro is developing a wide range of software solutions, including BioEMR, PGAro, PanOmic, BioChain, BioApp and other related solutions.

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