BioAro Launches Its Genomics And Microbiome


BioAro Launches Its Genomics And Microbiome

BioAro, a leading genomics and precision health company, is set to launch its comprehensive genetic and microbiome testing services. With BioAro's innovative testing, Canadians and Albertans can gain insight into their inherited and acquired health risks, and healthcare providers can recommend personalized treatments and lifestyle choices based on the results.

Unlike other direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies, BioAro sequences and develops a map of your entire genome, specifically analyzing over 20,000 genes known to be involved in various diseases. This allows for a more detailed and comprehensive analysis, providing a more complete picture of an individual's health risks and potential genetic predispositions.

By offering advanced testing and analysis services, BioAro is at the forefront of precision-based medicine, providing patients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. With its dedication to providing personalized care and tailored treatments, BioAro is set to transform the healthcare landscape, bringing cutting-edge genomic and microbiome testing services to Canadians and beyond.

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