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Genetic counsellors help navigate and cope with difficult situations, whether it is living with a genetic condition, finding community support services and connections, caring for someone who has a genetic condition, being at risk for a genetic condition, or making decisions before starting a family.

It is important to see a genetic counsellor for many reasons. Some especially important cases include, if you:

  • Are concerned about the medications you are being prescribed
  • Have been diagnosed or are at risk of developing a genetic condition
  • Are above the age of 35 years or have primary ovarian failure
  • Have fertility issues, trying to conceive, or have had a miscarriage
  • Have a familial connection to your sexual partner
  • Want to take a proactive and preventative approach to your healthcare

What is a genetic counsellor?

Genetic counsellors are certified in Canada through the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors (CAGC) and are trained in medical genetics & counselling. They are here to help you understand your risk-analysis scores for early detection of disease and prevention care, as well as recommend and promote lifestyle choices that can reduce your risk and bolster your health. This includes education on genetic analysis results, information about treatment decisions, and handling emotions that may come with receiving an unexpected or undesirable result.

When should you see a genetic counsellor?

Before genetic testing: Genetic counsellors can help you decide on the genetic testing that will be most relevant to your family and medical history. In this meeting they would also explain how the testing process works and what benefits come with genetic analysis.

After genetic testing: Critically important to any screening test is creating actionable and measurable goals to ensure you stay healthy or can improve your health. Genetic counsellors will review your results and prepare relevant materials from current research & medical advice before your session. This allows them to concisely present the best paths forward for your unique genetic profile and answer any questions you might have with the newest research in mind.

If you have received genetic analysis from another company and have not talked to a genetic counsellor, we invite you to book a session with a BioAro genetic counsellor to learn how to leverage your previous testing.

What happens during a genetic consultation meeting?

There are three key components to meeting with a genetic counsellor after receiving genetic analysis:

Education: If this is your first time with a genetic counsellor they will walk you through what genetics is and how our DNA informs our health.

Report review: The genetic counsellor will walk you through each of the findings from your testing and explain more personally what each means about your risk for developing certain health conditions. Going beyond what is written in the report, you will be looking at all of the results in combination instead of individually.

Personalized action plan: The genetic counsellor will present to you the ways in which you can reduce your risk of developing the health conditions revealed by your genetics by taking action in your daily life or by consulting your healthcare team on preventative or ongoing treatment approaches.

What is a wellness consultation?

Wellness consultations are available with microbiome testing options or independently. Wellness consultations focus on creating a strong support system and action plan for achieving health success. This can include creating a customized meal plan, learning to recognize nutrition and dietary mistakes, small fitness changes, and finding balance.

When should you see a dietician or nutritionist?

If you are looking to improve your daily comfort, increase vitality, bolster your nutrition, and start making an active change that will increase your quality of life, then take this as a sign to book a consultation now. Dieticians and nutritionists go beyond popular media diets or trends in eating habits found on social media. Consults ensure a personalized approach to improving your nutrition through scientific evidence and the latest research findings. They can also connect you with the resources you need to stay on track and make long lasting changes to your daily routine.