How can my genetic code impact my response to nutrients and food?

Metabolism of nutrients is integral to your everyday life and changes with age, the choices of food you eat and your levels of activity. Many people live with inherited defects in genes that lead to food intolerances, metabolic disorders, and vitamin metabolism deficiencies, not realizing that it has been the reason for impacted health.

Also, with rapidly increasing rates of obesity and type-2 diabetes across the world, there is a profound disparity between its effects on marginalized populations. For instance, it is estimated that First Nations people are 3 times more likely to develop type-2 diabetes compared to other Canadians.

We have the ability to make decisions to better our wellness where we adjust our diets in a way that is personalized to our genetics and body. We can also look to ways to adjust our microbiome to learn how the bacteria living in and on you are critical to your nutrition. Please see the Microbiome Analysis page

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