BioAro Inc. And CardiAI Launches Rapid PCR Testing Services in the Northwest Territories at Gahcho Kué Mine


Lyndon Clark, General Manager of Gahcho Kué mine, emphasizes the importance of testing employees as a critical pillar in the mine's COVID-19 response. With the addition of PCR testing on-site, Gahcho Kué mine is able to bolster existing measures aimed at mitigating risks related to COVID-19, enhancing its ability to protect its employees, their families, and the surrounding communities in the NWT.

The ability to conduct PCR testing on-site provides Gahcho Kué mine with an additional layer of protection against the virus. By regularly testing employees, the mine can quickly identify and isolate potential cases, limiting the spread of the virus and preventing outbreaks within the workforce.

Overall, Gahcho Kué mine's comprehensive approach to COVID-19 mitigation, including on-site PCR testing, serves as an example of the mining industry's commitment to protecting its employees and surrounding communities amidst the ongoing pandemic.

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